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Dear user we understand that our concept and service might be new to you and that you might have questions that you would like to discuss. To do so please email us click here.

We will help you sell your private real estate your commercial real estate your yacht your luxury car or luxury item or your corporate service etc. faster by enabling you or your company to offer a bonus to any person who can deliver a potential buyer which ends up buying your item/service.

More lead Creators = More Potential Buyer Leads - GET STARTED NOW!

At Bonuslead it is "NO SALE NO BONUS" which means if you do not recieve any buyer leads that ends with a sale then there is no payment of the bonus. You decide the bonus when setting up your listing on Bonuslead.

The person submitting a potantial buyer lead must have a relation to that buyer. Family members co-workers or friends know our taste and demands and we want these people to help you sell your listing.

Bonuslead hold the rights to delete any listings and if doing so we will take contact to the creator.

But does it work and why not just lower the price?

Ask any broker and he or she will tell you that it is never just about the sales price but also about reaching out to the right buyer and that is very difficult.
You need to know who is out there with a set of specification that matches your listing for sale which is tricky and on top of that there are millions of listings for sale trying to do the same thing.

I might know that my brother is an great designer who loves to rebuild and who can see the potential in an old building or my other brother who loves regatta yachts and to whom it is about design and possiblities.

I know that because I am close to them and this makes me the perfect lead creator if a certain listing comes up for sale.

Our service is FREE and you can use your facebook or twitter or any social media account to get distribution in 2 minutes....

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