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An Effective Sales Tool

Dear seller, our sales network is created to help you to a faster sale. This is done by offering a sales bonus to the one who can deliver a buyer "lead" which leads to a sale. This means that you only pay a bonus if your item is sold. You decide the size of the Bonus.

Get Interest Now

There are many items for sale today and your item could disappear in the crowd. By using our system you ensure that a potential buyer's friends, colleagues and family will have an "interest" in telling them about your item. A fair bonus equals more interest.

Our Philosophy & Vision

We all know someone who has a house, a boat, a car or a commercial property for sale but who cannot find a buyer. But our friends, family and colleagues know our needs and we will utilize that through our network. We need them to tell the seller about potential buyers and if it leads to a sale they will be rewarded with a bonus for their lead.

Our mission is clear - we must ensure a faster sale

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