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How does it work
Step 1: Create your Bonuslead (listing) now and immediately thereafter you can insert a direct link to your broker's website or post it on your facebook page, twitter etc.

Step 2. Now you will receive the first buyer leads - which will also be sent to the potential buyers email.
You should contact the potential buyer to discuss a meeting etc.
Bonuslead will provide a guide on how you can ensure that you are proactive to buyer leads.

Step 3: The potential buyer is interested and buys your listing and the deal must now be completed with documentation and payment etc.
Bonuslead has been a success and you now agree with the lead creator how payment will take place. During 2016, Bonuslead will be able to handle the transfer of payments in connection with a completed agreement.
Until then it is between the listing creator and the lead creator to discuss and decide.

What about costs
The basic service is FREE but we recommend that you choose our "Plus Package" (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)concept priced at 49 dollars where you get additional marketing and distribution which will give you more attention and thus more potential buyer leads. Your listing will be marketed on the big portals and via leading websites through our Bonuslead Facebook and linkedin campaigns.

How do I settle the bonus payment with the lead creator
When the listing is sold the task owner will contact the lead creator to settle payments. Bonuslead are not responsible for any mising payments on successfull leads but we will always try to help if there are any disagrements between the listing owner and the lead creator. Please contact us.

Can you create a listing on all items
Yes we accept listings on all Items though we will remove listings that might offend the public. If we remove a listing We will contact you two discuss how to go forward.

Where can I view listing with a bonus Currently please use the category dropdown under the View lisitngs menu in the top menu.
We will try to enhance the options with a new search engine and an advanced search option.
Are there any demands on the specification of a buyer lead
Any lead that might lead to a potential buyer is accepted by the listings creator.
As lead creator you need to have some sort of connection to the potential buyer. This could be family, friends, colleagues or just Acquaintances.
Creation of false leads kan lead to lawsuit and claims for compensation.

Who is behind the company
Please look under About Us "in the top menu. Here you will find information about our company and the people behind.

If you did not find an answer to your quesion in our FAQ please send ud an email on and we will respond.

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